Choose Joy- “It’s Time To Grow Up” Phil. 3:12-16

Outline Of Chapter Three

vv. 1-11 Paul’s Past (“I Count”)

vv. 12-16 Paul’s Present (“I Press”)

vv. 17-21 Paul’s Future (“I Look”)

Summary: Paul’s progress in the Gospel: Through Christ, Not the Law. Paul emphasizes the need for progress in Christian living, presenting himself as one who continually reaches ahead to see God’s kingdom expanded. (ESV Study Bible)

Five Building Blocks Of Spiritual Maturity

1. Humbly Acknowledge That You Have Some Growing Up To Do. (v 12a)

2. Understand That Spiritual Maturity Will Only Come Through Perseverance. (v 12b)

3. Realize That You Are Not Your Own. (v 12c)

4. Learn To Forget Your Past And Allow Christ To Forge Your Future. (vv 13-14)

5. Start Changing The Way You Think. (vv 15-16)

Your actions will always flow from your thoughts!