Choose Joy Series- “A Manifesto For Joy In The Church” Phil. 1:1-11

*THEME: The chief theme of Philippians is encouragement: Paul wants to encourage the Philippians to live out their lives as citizens of a heavenly colony, as evidenced by a growing commitment to service to God and to one another. The way of life that Paul encourages was manifested uniquely in Jesus Christ; it was also evident in the lives of Paul, Timothy, and Epaphroditus. (*ESV Study Bible)

Manifest’o – “A Public Declaration Of Intent…”

The Church In Philippi was…

A Church That Was Gospel Focused. (vv 3-5)
A Church That Was Mission Minded. (vv 3-5)
A Church That Was Pursuing Righteousness. (v 6)
A Church That Knew How To Show Empathy. (v 7)
A Church That Modeled The Love Of Christ Well. (vv 8-11)