Choose Joy Series- “Be Careful, Your Thoughts Are Showing” Phil. 4:8-9

Summary: “Think about these things”… The Philippians are to fill their minds with things that will inspire worship of God and service to others. (ESV Study Bible)

Lay The Foundation For Right Thinking

1. Remember WHO You Are!
2. Remember WHOSE You Are!

Five Things To Remember About Authentic Joy (From 4:8 Principle)

1. Joy Is An Outward Sign Of Inward Faith In The Promises Of God.
2. What You Persistently Think Eventually But Inevitably Crystallizes Into The Words You Speak And The Things That You Do!
3. The Way You Think Can Either Multiply Or Shrink Your Gifts And Talents.
4. You Have The Power To Control What You Choose To Dwell On.
5. Stop Allowing Negative Ideas And The Opinion Of Others Corrupt Your Potential For Joy.