Choose Joy Series- “The Power Of The Resurrection” Phil. 3:20-4:1

Outline Of Chapter Three

vv. 1-11 Paul’s Past “I Count”

vv. 12-16 Paul’s Present “I Press”

vv. 17-21 Paul’s Future “I Look”

Summary: Those who follow Christ’s example of service will share in His vindication and glory as well. Perfection will come only at the resurrection (cf. 3:11–12; 1 Cor. 15:12–28). (ESV Study Bible)

In Your Struggle Against Sin, Remember These Two Important Truths:

1.You Do Not Have The Power In Your Flesh To Resist.
2.You Are Not Yet Home, Stop Living Like It’s Not Going To Happen.

The Resurrection Teaches Us…

What You Can’t Do, HE CAN! (Romans 8:1-39)

1.You Don’t Have The Power To Give Life To That Which Is Dead.
2.You Don’t Have The Power To Overcome Disease And Defilement.
3.You Don’t Have The Power To Overcome The Destructive Nature Of Sin.
4.Jesus Has Been Given The Power To Subdue ALL Things.
5. Remember, Stand Firm On His Promise. Your Resurrection Is Coming!