Choose Joy- “The Hardest Workout You’ll Ever Do” Phil. 2:12-18

Summary: Living as Lights in the World.

With the breathtaking portrayal of Christ before them (vv. 5–11), Paul exhorts the Philippians to demonstrate the same faith and obedience in their everyday lives.
(ESV Study Bible)

The Warm-Up
1. Paul Commends Them For Their Character. (v 12)
2. Paul Commands Them To Not “Coast” In Their Christian Responsibilities. (v 12)
3. Paul Comforts Them By Reminding Them Where Their Source Of Power Can Be Found. (v 13)

The Work-Out
*Two Critical Elements Found In Every Good Workout
1. Don’t Complain, Be Content.(v 14)
2. Don’t Discourage, Encourage. (v 15)
3. Don’t Quit, Dig Deep In The Word. (v 16)

The Wind-Down
1. Leave Your All On The Court. (v 17)
2. Learn The Value Of Rejoicing In All Circumstances. (v 18)