Choose Joy- “The Joy Of Knowing Jesus” Phil. 3:1-11

Summary: Where Does Righteousness Come From? Paul begins this section by calling the Philippians to rejoice in the Lord (v. 1) but then warns them about the Judaizing opponents of the gospel (vv. 2–3). In contrast, Paul has renounced his spiritual and ethnic privileges for the sake of knowing Christ (vv. 4–11). (ESV Study Bible)

Outline Of Chapter Three

vv. 1-11 Paul’s Past “I Count”
vv. 12-16 Paul’s Present “I Press”
vv. 17-21 Paul’s Future “I Look”

Where Joy Is NOT Found

1. Joy Is Not Found In Fulfilling Fleshly Desires. (v 3)
-Put No Confidence In The Flesh.
2. Joy Is Not Found In Flaunting Your Religious Credentials. (vv 4-8)
-Put No Confidence In Religious Rituals.
-Put No Confidence In Religious Rule-Keeping.
-Put No Confidence In Religious Zeal.

Where Joy IS Found

1. Joy Is Found In Salvation From Sin. (v 9)
2. Joy Is Found In Suffering With Jesus. (v 10)
3. Joy Is Found In The Satisfaction Of Knowing Jesus. (v 11)