Heroes & Villains- “Our Most Deceptive Sin” Judges 2:1-3:6

Summary: The Roots of Israel’s Apostasy. This introduction to the book identifies the root causes and effects of Israel’s apostasy. The pattern established here is then repeated in a cyclical fashion throughout the body of the book (3:7–16:31).
What Is Our Most Deceptive Sin?

The Sin Of Idolatry

Five Ways To Avoid The Destructive Sin Of Idolatry

1. Know The Difference Between “I Can’t” And “I Won’t”. (1:19; 2:2)
2. Know How To Recognize Sin And Respond In True Repentance Immediately. (2:4)
3. Know That Spiritual Amnesia Leads To Spiritual Apostasy. (2:10)
4. Know That Complacency And Compromise Are The Enemies Of Commitment. (2:11-15)
5. Recognize That This Will Always Be A Daily Battle. (2:16-3:6)