MARKED Series- “Seeds And Storms” Mark 4:21-41

When I was in London several years ago on a European tour with our Christian school, our tour guide made a statement that was taken from a quote by Mark Twain regarding the weather in New England. It was rainy and overcast as we left Heathrow airport…and he said, “As the old saying goes, If you don’t like the weather in London, just wait 5 minutes and it will change.” In less than fifteen minutes, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Well, if you haven’t realized it yet… that statement has as much to do with the weather as it does life itself. Life is often a series of “ups and downs”, “victories and defeats”, “happiness and sorrow” and that list could go on and on. But for the Christian, there is one constant that does not change… Jesus. Jesus, the master teacher, often taught lessons to His disciples and then allowed them to be tested over what they had learned. Tomorrow as we continue our #MARKED series, we’ll be looking at Mark 4:21-41, “Seeds And Storms”. How is your faith? Will you pass the test?