MARKED SERIES- “Serious Inquiries Only” Mark 12:18-44

In THIS moment… right now… you have it in your possession.
It’s harmless but it will eventually kill you.
It cannot be sold, bought, or traded.
If it’s lost, it cannot be recovered.
It cannot be contained.
It cannot be recreated… once it’s gone, it’s gone.
It depreciates in quantity, but appreciates in value.
For some, it might be toxic.
But For those of you who realize how important it really is… you cannot get enough of it.
It is always in motion… moving forward but never in reverse.
IN THE END… It’s the great equalizer.
Yet some of you will enjoy more of it than others…
Unfortunately, you have no idea who that might apply to.
What Am I?


In this message, Pastor Edge addresses a serious question with a serious answer that comes with a serious warning of serious consequences. Jesus appreciated the scribe’s answer, but did it move his heart to change? Take a listen.