Mother’s Day- “Profile Of A Godly Mother” Prov. 31:10-31

Three Biblical Examples Of Godly Mothers

Jochebed- A Mother Who Feared God.
Hannah- A Mother Who Trusted God.
Mary- A Mother Who Surrendered To God.

10 Characteristics Of A Godly Mother

1. She doesn’t lose sight of her priorities. (vv 10-15)
2. She invests in the future of her family. (v 16)
3. She understands that her calling demands strength and courage. (v 17)
4. She knows that her time is valuable. (vv 18-19)
5. She is a woman of great compassion. (v 20)
6. She makes preparation and vision a priority. (vv 21-22)
7. She ensures that her husband has all that he needs to be successful. (v 23)
8. She is a woman of great modesty and character. (v 25)
9. She values moments of ministry and rejects the destructive nature of idleness. (vv 26-27)
10. She understands that her beauty will be defined by her walk with Christ. (vv 28-31)