The Light Of Christmas- “Jesus- Our Wonderful Counselor” Isaiah 8-9

“You May Walk Among The Dead, But You Do Not Walk In Darkness”
As People Of The Light…
1.  You Do Not Walk In The Same Manner Of This World. (8:11)
2.  You Do Not Fear What This World Fears. (8:12)
3.  You Do Not Inquire Of The Dead On Behalf Of The Living. (8:19-22)
We Find Hope In Jesus Being Our Wonderful Counselor Because…
1.  No Other Counselor Has A Nature Of Being Both Human And Divine.
2.  No Other Counselor Can Offer You Access To Wisdom To Navigate Through Life’s Most Difficult Journeys.  (Romans 11:33-36)
3.  No Other Counselor Has The Ability To Offer You The Gift Of Eternal Life.