MARKED Series- “When Jesus Heals” Mark 1:28-2:12

As we continue our #MARKED series (a study in the Gospel of Mark), we are going to look at Mark 1:28-2:12, “When Jesus Heals”. Isn’t it awesome to know that we serve a God Who heals? Yes, He can and often does heal our bodies but that’s not the reason He came. The supernatural healing only authenticated His message. Grant it, if He chooses to heal your physical body, that’s great news… but remember, you’re still going to die. The most important mission of Christ was not to heal the sick and broken. The mission of Christ was to go to the cross. Nothing was to hinder him from that mission. Nothing was going to sidetrack Him from the importance of accomplishing that task. In the finished work of Christ on Calvary, we find so much more than physical healing. We find life, as it was meant to be lived.


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