AFTERLIFE SERIES- “What Is Hell Like?” Luke 16:19-31

Anyone can cut and paste Scriptures out of context and scream that Hell does not exist and that you don’t have to worry about going there. In fact that’s exactly what Brett Gallaher does in his blog, “Four Reasons Why You Are Probably Not Going To Hell”, published on The Huffington Post weblog in January 2014. In his blog he cites the following four reasons why you are probably not going to hell:
1. Interstellar Space Travel
2. Central Nervous System
3. Forever isn’t always, “Forever and Ever”
4. Moses Wouldn’t Never Let God Live It Down

His use of profanity and lack of journalistic credibility makes it a difficult article to take seriously. However, just a simple search of the internet and you will find people on both sides of the theological debate trying to give their “opinions” on what they “think” Hell must be like if, according to them, it “even exists”. Last week we looked at seven biblical reasons that prove hell’s existence. Since hell does exist, it begs the question… “What Is Hell Like?” Once again, we go back to the authority on the subject… the Word of God. This Sunday we are going to be looking at just four truths about what the Bible says hell is like.