Choose Joy- “Define Your Life” Phil. 1:18b-26

Fill In The Blank…

To Me, Living Is ____________

1. Paul’s Desire. (vv 18-20)
2. Paul’s Dedication. (v 21)
3. Paul’s Dilemma. (vv 22-26)

How Do You Define Living?

1. Living Is Defined By Purpose. (vv 18-20)
The Purpose Of Your Life Is To Magnify Christ In All Things
2. Living Is Determined By How We Plan. (v 21)
My Plans Must Yield To His Plans.
My Thoughts Must Yield To His Thoughts.
My Desires Give Way To His Desires.
3. Living Is Decided By What We Pursue. (vv 22-26)
What Am I Pursuing?
Health, Wealth, & Prosperity? … or
Godliness, Contentment, & Humility?
Am I Growing Colder? or Am I Growing Closer?
What Example Am I Setting For Others?
In My Circumstances
In My Conduct