Choose Joy Series- “The Difference Between Advance And Retreat” Phil. 1:12-18

*SUMMARY: Paul assures the Philippians that, though he is imprisoned, the gospel is still advancing (vv. 12–18). He is joyfully confident that no matter what happens, he will be delivered and Christ will be honored. (*ESV Study Bible)

When Difficulties Come, You Have A HUGE Decision To Make.

Will You Advance?
Will You Retreat?

Four Areas Where Joy Made The Difference In The Apostle Paul’s Life

1. Paul’s Perspective (vv 12-13)
Oppression Or Opportunity?
2. Paul’s Platform (v 14)
Cowardice Or Courage?
3. Paul’s Preaching (vv 15-17)
Discontent Or Delight?
4. Paul’s Proclamation (v 18)
Counterfeit Or With Certainty?