Choose Joy- “The Joy Of Faithful Friends” Phil. 2:19-30

Summary: Timothy and Epaphroditus are humble, others-focused servants who provide a shining example of working out their salvation in practical acts of serving without grumbling. (2:12-14) (Tony Merida)

Two Themes Are Present In This Passage

The Character Of Timothy
The Compassion Of Epaphroditus

Five Truths About Faithful Friends

1. A Faithful Friend Will Show Genuine Concern For You, Both Physically And Spiritually. (vv 19-20)
2. A Faithful Friend Will Compel You To Seek The Heart Of Jesus. (v 21)
3. A Faithful Friend Will Serve Others With A Compassionate Heart. (v 22)
4. A Faithful Friend Is Empathetic To Your Needs, He Hurts When You Hurt. (vv 25-26)
5. A Faithful Friend Is Willing To Sacrifice Himself In Order To Sustain You. (vv 27-30)