MARKED Series- “A Blessed Mother” Mark 3:13-35

Someone very wise once said,

“A mother is the only creature whose heart beats outside of her own body.”

So very true.

Sometimes when a pastor is preaching verse by verse through a book of the Bible, he finds himself in a dilemma when special holidays are celebrated on specific Sundays. Should he preach a special message that has a “motherhood” theme or continue in the series, verse by verse? This week I really felt led by the Lord to continue our #MARKED series by looking at Mark 3:13-35, “A Blessed Mother”. It’s somewhat of a different perspective on the passage that I pray will be relevant, rewarding, and remain true to the context of the passage. Here’s a question you can ask yourself as you read the passage in preparation for tomorrow’s message.

How can we, as believers in Christ who are marked by love in His kingdom, be a blessing to our earthly mothers?