MARKED Series- “The Alarm Of The Soul” Mark 6:14-29

John MacArthur once said,

“The conscience is a built-in warning system that signals us when something we have done is wrong. The conscience is to our souls what pain sensors are to our bodies: it inflicts distress, in the form of guilt, whenever we violate what our hearts tell us is right.”

I recall seeing a Jiffy Lube commercial a few months ago that showed a busy mom rushing around to get her kids ready to go to their extra-curricular activities, but when she started the car the “Check Engine” light came on. What did she do? Did she immediately take it to a mechanic? Did she call the dealer? No. She put a smiley face sticker over the light to cover it up. Unfortunately that’s what we do far too often. Your conscience is the warning light of your soul. Tomorrow we will be looking at Mark 6:14-29, “The Alarm Of The Soul” as we continue in our #MARKED Series.