MARKED SERIES- The Danger Of “IF” Mark 8:11-13

“IF only I hadn’t made that mistake, THEN…”
“IF only I had done that sooner, THEN…”
“IF we weren’t so _________, THEN…”
“IF our relationship was _______________, THEN…”

“IF” is a conditional phrase that we often use to question our choices, our dreams, our hopes, and our desires… BUT, “IF” is an enemy of faith. Putting complete trust in the finished work of Christ is not conditional. How many people miss out on real joy that can be found in a true relationship with Jesus because of “IF”?

As we continue in our #MARKED series this week, we are going to look at Mark 8:11-13, The Danger Of “IF”.

The Pharisees didn’t get it… will you?