MARKED Series- “When Traditions Become Troublesome” Mark 7:1-13

Well the store aisles are full of shoppers stuffing book bags with pencils, paper, and all of the necessities required to prepare our kids to head back to school. “Back to school” shopping usually marks the beginning of seasonal traditions. Summer will transition to fall and everything pumpkin spice and football will abound. Fall will end with Thanksgiving traditions of going to grandmas and stuffing our face with sweets. Then comes Christmas… a season where traditions are sometimes taken to extremes. Christmas will give way to a New Year that will usher in traditions of its own…and so on and so on.
Let’s face it, we love traditions. But not all traditions are good. This week in Mark 7:1-13 we are going to be looking at “When Traditions Become Troublesome”. We’ll look at 5 questions that we need to ask ourselves about our traditions and how they relate to the Word of God.