A MATTER OF TIME SERIES- “A Matter Of Life And Death” Ecclesiastes 9:1-18

It was said of 75 year old billionaire, William Randolph Hearst, that people were forbidden to mention death in his presence. Not a bad idea… it’s not reality, but generally speaking, it’s not a bad idea. No one would deny that death is an unpopular subject. In fact, most of us try to avoid the subject altogether. Yet no man can rule it out of his future. Just because we refuse to talk or think about death doesn’t remove the “elephant in the room”. We are going to die... all of us. No one will escape. When the Lord decides our time is up, it’s up. Spending that extra hour at the gym, skipping those french fries at lunch, or buying that car with the latest and greatest safety features isn’t going to matter. Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 9 that you’re not ready to live until you understand the reality of death. 

This week in our #TIMEMATTERS series, we’ll be looking at Ecclesiastes 9:1-18, “A Matter Of Life And Death”. Are you ready to LIVE?