Daniel Abraham- Christianity And Islam- A Comparison

In this special session, Daniel Abraham, a practicing Muslim for 39 years, shares his testimony of how he came to Christ.  Daniel grew up in Egypt and while living there, he developed a hatred for Christians.  After years of drug abuse, sexual experimentation, and a vicious battle with alcoholism, Daniel found himself at the end of his rope.  None of those things offered the satisfaction that he was looking for in life.  The only thing left to do in life was to end it.  He contemplated jumping off of a bridge in NYC… then he remembered.  He remembered what his wife’s (who was a practicing believer in Christ) pastor had preached the day that she pleaded with him just to go to church with her one time… just one time.  The pastor preached a message that day entitled, “What are you waiting for?”.  Leaving the house to go to that bridge to commit suicide, Daniel cried out to Jesus and Christ miraculously transformed his life.  Listen as Daniel shares his testimony and as how he points out some of the challenging passages in the Quran as compared to the Bible.