KING DAVID Series- “David: A Fugitive, But Not Forsaken” 1 Samuel 19/Psalm 59

What do you do when things don’t go as planned? How do you respond when you take a bold stand for righteousness and no one is willing to stand with you or to stand up for you? In this week’s #KINGDAVID series, David goes from front and center as Israel’s champion to fleeing for his life as a fugitive on the run. David deserved to be king. David was already anointed. David was the only one who stood up to the Philistine champion… but now, he’s running for his life. What is God going to do? Why doesn’t He just kill Saul? This is not supposed to be how the story ends.

Maybe this is where you find yourself today. Maybe you’ve bought into the lies of the enemy…”You’re the only one who feels this way”.. or .. “You’ll never amount to anything”.. or .. “God doesn’t care about you… He never has”.. or .. “Why don’t you just give up?”…. lie after lie after lie.

Don’t believe his lies… he’s a liar, a thief, and his sole purpose on this earth is to rob you of joy, make your life miserable, and render your testimony ineffective.

Learn to wait… God ALWAYS has a plan.