KING DAVID Series- “The Danger Of Leading A Double Life” 1 Samuel 28-30

John Bunyan, the great author of A Pilgrim’s Progress, once said.

“Saint abroad, and a devil at home.”

This week in our #KINGDAVID series, we’ll be looking at 1 Samuel 28-30. David listened to his heart (mistake #1), defected to the camp of the Philistines so that Saul would leave him alone (mistake #2), and now is leading a double life that will eventually catch up with him and tarnish his testimony (mistake #3)… but it won’t be his last mistake. This week we are going to be looking at “The Danger Of Leading A Double Life.” Are you living a double life? Are you one thing at home and another when you’re away? It will catch up with you and when it does, it will cost you dearly.