Mechanical Christianity- “Trusting Treasure” James 5:1-6

Why do you do what you do every single day? Why do you work so hard? Why do you endure the headaches, the workplace conflicts, the pressures of making that last sale? I guess a better question would be… what would it take to satisfy you? More money? The latest gadget? The next promotion?

Neil Postman once said, “With the invention of the clock, Eternity ceased to serve as the measure and focus of human events.”

Last week in our ‪#‎MechanicalChristianity‬ series we looked at the prospect of “Tempting Time”, an evaluation of how we are using our time. This week we’ll be looking at “Trusting Treasure” from James 5:1-6. If we are burning time to embrace treasure, we are, of all people, most miserable. This Sunday we’ll look at the warnings James gives to the believers concerning the attitude of wealthy unbelievers. It’s a trap! It’s real… and you just might be stuck in it. 

James 5:1-6 copy