RUNAWAY SERIES- “When God Runs After Runaways” Jonah 3:1-4:1

When speaking of prodigals, Augustine once said,

“You never depart from us, but yet, only with difficulties do we return to You.”

If there is a truth God that has been teaching me this week as I’ve been preparing for this Sunday it’s this, God doesn’t do anything or allow anything without eternity in mind. We all have prodigal moments. Moments when we want to run…moments where we just want to get away from it all. Sometimes our moments of running take us down paths that seem unforgivable, and yet… He is there. God knows that you are broken. He knows why you’re running, and He thinks it’s time for you to come home. This Sunday we’re going to be looking at Jonah 3:1-4:1, “When God Runs After Runaways”. If he has something for you to do, He won’t let you rest until the mission is complete.