RUNAWAY SERIES- “When Jonah Broke His Mother’s Heart” Jonah 1 and 1Samuel 1

This Sunday we will celebrate moms at SPBC.

George Eliot once said,
“A mother’s yearning feels the presence of the cherished child even in the degraded man.”

Moms see through the mud, the dirt, the spaghetti-stained face… they’re human “lie detectors” for heaven’s sake. Where would we be without moms? There’s a reason professional athletes (after making a spectacular play and the camera turns to them for their 5 seconds of fame) put on a great big smile and say, “Hi Mom!”. Dad probably taught him the game. Dad was probably the one who made him run extra sprints. Dad was probably the one who demanded that he give his best on the field, but he simply says… when all the world is watching, “Hi Mom!”.

Moms are pretty special and this Sunday in our ‪#‎Runaway‬ series, we’ll be looking at “When Jonah Broke His Mother’s Heart”.